Imagine a takeout container becoming your new suitcase.

Today’s plastics can become tomorrow’s new products because we need plastic, not plastic waste. America’s plastic makers have set a goal of making 100% of plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or recoverable by 2030, and eliminating plastic packaging waste by 2040.

From Single Use to Reuse

Remaking our future

From Single Use to Reuse is a collaborative effort made up of industry innovators who are working to end plastic waste through reuse.

The story of plastic is evolving

Understanding our present will help us create a better future.

Waste Origins

of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources

Environmental Impact

Replacing plastics in packaging and consumer products with alternative materials could raise environmental costs nearly fourfold

Our Goal

Make all plastic packaging used in the U.S. reusable, recyclable or recoverable within 10 years