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Product Design | Oct 13, 2020

From the Dinner Table to the Airport

Learn more about used plastics being turned into new products.
Working Together | Oct 1, 2020

The Roadmap to Reuse

Learn more about the plastic industry’s roadmap for closing the loop on plastic waste and achieving a circular economy.
Working Together | Sep 30, 2020

We Need Plastics — AND an End to Plastic Waste

Learn how today’s technologies and solutions can keep plastic out of the ocean.
Recycling | Sep 21, 2020

Recycling Beyond Your Kitchen

Learn more about how you can recycle in your home.
Take Action | Sep 21, 2020

Protect Marine Environments — Save Our Seas 2.0

Marine waste and pollution ending up in oceans and other waterways is unacceptable. Support the bipartisan Save Our Seas (SOS) 2.0 Act which will help protect our marine environments.
Product Design | Sep 14, 2020

Brushing Away Plastic Waste

Companies are making toothbrushes from recycled plastic. Learn how recycling technology makes plastic waste useful again.
Product Design | Aug 27, 2020

Giving Recycled Plastic a Seat Outdoors

Companies are making outdoor furniture from recycled plastic. Learn how recycling makes plastic waste useful again.
Product Design | Aug 12, 2020

Out of the Fridge, into the Future

Learn more about used plastics being recycled into new products.
Product Design | Jul 16, 2020

Sliding into the Future

Companies are making kids’ playground equipment from recycled plastic. Learn how recycling technology makes plastic waste useful again.
Product Design | Jul 16, 2020

From Waste to Wearables

Learn more about used plastics being designed into new products.
Recycling | Jul 16, 2020

More Options Means More Pathways to Circularity

Learn more about reusable plastic products and the part they play in the circular economy for plastic.
Recycling | Jul 7, 2020

Overcoming “Bin-decision”

Learn how to recycle plastic in five quick tips and solve “bin-decision” when it’s time to recycle.
Environment | Jul 6, 2020

Putting Plastic in its Place

Learn how embracing a circular economy, new recycling technologies and you can work to keep plastic waste out of the ocean.
Environment | Jul 6, 2020

No Longer Lost at Sea

Learn more about plastic marine litter and companies using recovered plastic to make new products.
Technology | Jun 24, 2020

3D Printing: PPE, Plastics and Sustainability

Learn more about using 3D printing to meet PPE demands, reduce long-term environmental impact of manufacturing and reuse plastic.
Product Design | Jun 10, 2020

Fashion Reinvents Itself Again

Discover how new plastic solutions are revolutionizing the fashion industry by turning recycled plastic into stylish clothing.
Technology | Jun 10, 2020

Every Ending Is a New Beginning

Learn what circularity is, how a circular economy for plastic can benefit our world and how you can be a part of it.
Working Together | May 7, 2020

Local Actions, Global Progress

Learn how communities are strengthening plastic recycling efforts, and helping to end plastic waste around the world.
Recycling | May 7, 2020

Upgrading Recycling for Today’s World — and Tomorrow’s

See how this pilot recycling program is changing the face of recycling plastic packaging.
Technology | May 7, 2020

Advanced Plastics Recycling

Innovative technologies in plastic recycling are creating more possibilities to reuse and create a more circularity for plastic.
Environment | May 7, 2020

Dispose of Gloves, Masks, and Wipes Properly—in the Garbage

Plastic gloves, masks, sanitizing hand wipes—all are helpful in preventing exposure to the coronavirus, but must be disposed of properly in the garbage.
Product Design | May 7, 2020

That's a Wrap

Discover why plastic packaging is important and how rethinking it can reduce plastic waste.

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