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Help Protect Marine Environments — Save Our Seas 2.0

Support this commonsense, bipartisan legislation to help eliminate litter, including plastics, from our waterways.

If you are concerned about plastics and other waste ending up in our rivers and ocean, there is something you can do right now. The “Save Our Seas (SOS) 2.0 Act,” which is currently being considered by Congress, will help address this issue in many ways, including:

  1. Preventing existing waste from finding its way to our ocean and coastlines by improving domestic waste infrastructure, and exploring innovative ways to manage and reuse plastic waste
  2. Reducing plastic waste already in the ocean by increasing federal government resources to encourage innovation and global cooperation
  3. Enhancing global engagement and cooperation through potential international agreements and increased outreach

SOS 2.0 recently unanimously passed in the House of Representatives. It’s a commonsense bipartisan proposal that, with your support, has a strong chance of becoming law. But for that to happen, the Senate must take action by the end of the year.

We’re running out of time. Add your voice to the important conversation. Send the email below, urging your Senators to support “SOS 2.0!” Through education, collaboration and important actions like these, we can continue to address this growing environmental challenge. Your immediate action can help protect our marine environments. Thank you for your support!

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